I’ll just take a few minutes to introduce myself…

My name is Mitch Muller and I am a certified personal trainer. Strength training and fitness has become a cornerstone of my life and mentality for more reasons than one. I believe that in order to achieve success in anything you do, passion for creating this accomplishment is far greater than your own ability. My passion to help others achieve their fitness goals is at an all time high, which is why MindsetFitness.net was created: to bring proven knowledge about training and fitness to anyone with an open mind to soak it all in. The most exciting part: It is 100% free…

Now with that being said, here’s a little background info on myself. I started lifting weights consistently as a junior in high school. Although sports had taken up every ounce of my time up to this point, it had not prepared me for the amount of effort that the gym demanded. From that first pumped feeling I had in my biceps, I knew things would never be the same. I fell in love with the weight, the struggle, the intensity, and the rewards.

I was a scrawny kid, about average height; one of the kids in the gym that was already ripped just from being skinny. I was blessed in a way, however my body provided many hoops to jump through when trying to pack on the pounds.  As I got older I gained basic knowledge of how to lift weights: Chest on Mondays, then back and bi’s, legs, and then shoulders to finish off the week. As long as they were all packed into 5 days then it didn’t matter. I wasn’t the only one to fall into this trap either. Many before me and after me have tried and failed based on the slippery slope that this young weight-lifting generation has adopted.

My attention now changed its direction to the science of building muscle. How did the human body work? What factors contributed to muscle growth? And which factors could be considered myths? These questions seemed to pile up in my head like a stack of unread books. Throughout the last few years I have learned that there are no secrets to hard work. Muscle does not come easy, but then again, nothing great ever does. That’s what makes this game so enjoyable: the pain, the hardship, the success and the achievement. Isn’t that what we all strive for in the end?

My studies eventually landed me a couple personal training jobs along with my national personal training certification from ACE. I gained valuable experience from these places, however my eyes were opened to the truth behind most trainers these days: they don’t care. Not all of them were bad with the way they taught, but their clients were seeing little to no results. After seeing this, I told myself I’d never be swayed by a pay check. I believe that in order to be great at what you do, your passion must shine. Clients MUST see results. Anything else is a waste of time and money!

Now up to present day…

My weekly routine consists of a 5 day on, 2 day off split. It seems to work pretty well for me given that Sundays are the most important: Church and football! I try to surround my life with nothing but positive things. God has played a huge role in who I am today and the man I am striving to be. I am currently working on expanding my horizons in school, and studying hard to achieve as many PT certifications as I possibly can.

My more recent endevour has been the persuit of my Pro Card in Men’s Physique.Truth be told, the idea of competing on stage was never something that I had dreamed about doing from an early age. My competitive side had more to do with wanting to hit the game-winning shot or catching a touchdown in the Super Bowl. But in late summer 2013 after switching gyms from a big box gym to a smaller training facility, I was introduced quickly to the bodybuilding competitive atmosphere. I would get questioned every day about whether I competed or not with more surprised looks than I can count when I mentioned that I’ve never have before. This reaction really sparked my interest in the sport and made me question myself as to the success I could gain, if in fact I would do well on stage.

I guess it was the “skinny man” syndrome I had on lockdown in my head with the fear that I wasn’t big enough or that I couldn’t compare to the other guys up there in Men’s Physique. But with more research and the inner drive to want to prove my fear wrong, I decided to commit 100% to the process – to the posing, to the dieting, to the long sessions of cardio and late nights at the gym. At the end of the day I just wanted something to work for. My training up to this point was to improve my physique and get as big and ripped as possible, but then what? It was time to step out of my shell and break free into something new. I put my doubt and fear aside and I decided that competing on stage would help me release the inner athlete that had been locked up.