The personal mentorship and coaching program that can guarantee INSANE results - without ever having to settle for drastic diets, endless gym sessions or crazy expensive supplements.


Dear Friend,

I want you to picture something in your head for me. If you were to take any part of your current physique and transform it magically with the snap of your fingers, what would you do?

Would it be to finally build up those scrawny arms you've been carrying around, or get rid of your chicken legs? How about losing that spare tire around your waste and replacing it with a set of abs that any guy would be jealous of?

I want you to make this ideal image of yourself completely CLEAR in your mind right now. Don't hold back.

Once you've created the perfect body in your head, I want you to think about what it would be like to walk around looking that way. How would you FEEL knowing that you'd NEVER have to be insecure about your body again?

Feels pretty great huh?

Here's the thing...

You can completely accomplish your ideal physique without EVER having to second-guess your efforts again. Period!

The problem that most guys face when trying to build muscle isn't that they have a lack of information at the click of a mouse, it's because they work ALONE.

NO guidance. NO leadership. NO clear, concise direction.

This was the biggest speed bump that I had to get over as a young man - NOT asking or seeking help when I needed help.

My guess is that you've been the same way. You've TRIED the hardcore workouts, you've tried eating like a horse, you've tried all the different mixtures of supplements - hoping that one would finally give you the results you wanted. But in the end, you went round and round in circles until you ended up at the same place that you started.

I know this to be true because I lived in that nightmare before. I was just like YOU.

I've felt the pain of not being manly enough to get the girl, and the embarrassment of being weaker than all the people around me. I felt confused because I couldn't figure out how to put on muscle and get ripped to save my life! Everyone else seemed to do it so easily and I was left at the back of the line, hopeless.

Truth be told - I HATED IT.

I hated those feelings so much that I completely dedicated my future towards finding the answers.

There were a million questions that ran through my head:


ALL of my answers finally came once I made the choice of having personal guidance and coaching through a mentor. My results were INCREDIBLE. Not only did I put on muscle extremely fast, I was able to stay amazingly lean throughout the process without excess body fat gain.

The best part?

I stumbled across my very own system that I've used for the past 3 years to build twice as much muscle as I gained before! CHECK IT OUT:


This system that I found was so OUT-OF-THE-BOX and it COMPLETELY went against all of the muscle-building methods that I read about in the fitness magazines. Something in my head FINALLY clicked!

The fact of the matter is: If you're looking to be successful in putting on muscle and getting completely shredded as fast as possible, then you're going to need a different approach than the "norm".

This is where Premium Coaching comes in to play...

I will strategically walk you through the exact BLUEPRINT that you'll use to build insane muscle, CRAZY fast, Step-by-Step!

No longer will you have to:

With me as your personal mentor and muscle coach, you will have access to PROVEN muscle building strategies, and a PROVEN system that has worked for me and hundred of others like me.

The awesome part about this Premium Web-Based Coaching is that it doesn't matter where you live. You can be thousands of miles away and still connect with me and build muscle like you never have before.

Before I explain exactly what you'll get with this system, let the results speak for themselves!

Check out David, one of my AMAZING clients who drastically changed his body!



Or what about Jon, who gained 20+ lbs of Muscle and went from 18% bf down to 6%!




















Here's what others are saying from Instagram:






The Ultimate In Online Training Results - The PREMIUM Coaching Program will turbo charge your fat burning process while AT THE SAME TIME helping your body to pack on serious muscle and strength gains. Sure, normal online training can suffice sometimes, but for the serious individuals, only the BEST will do - and that's exactly what the PREMIUM package is for.

Previously, this type of highly personalized, one-on-one personal training experience was only available to my private clients in the greater Phoenix area. But now, with the availability of the Premium Web-based Coaching program it doesn’t matter if you live here in the USA or all the way around the world—I can help you get the physique you've always wanted.


“So what exactly do I get as a Premium Web-based Coaching client?”







FREE BONUS #2: Complete Exercise Library ($99 Value)

How many different ways can you think of to perform a bench press? How many times have you seen different people use different variations? The amount of exercises used to build muscle and get shredded are nothing short of never-ending. But don't worry, I've got you covered - EVERY exercise that you'll need to know to get the physique you want, period. No need to complicate things am I right?! Over 75 of the best and most proven exercises to stimulate your body into new growth!


To do a quick recap, you will receive a detailed initial assessment and Mindset blueprint, monthly custom-designed meal plans, workouts and supplementation programs, and TWO FREE bonuses.


"So how much does all this awesome programming and mentoring program cost?"


Let me share some quick numbers with you to put all of this into perspective. Let's say that you were to hire a personal trainer in your local area for two sessions per week. For full hour sessions you're looking at a price range of about $40-$60 dollars per session.

To average this out, you would be paying around $50 dollars per session, which is $100 dollars a week or $400 dollars a month! And that's only the cost of a couple workouts - not including nutrition programs, supplementation counseling or any educational material. With the typical average trainer at a fitness club, you can almost guarantee outdated training methods and lack of individualization due to the high volume of clientele passing through the doors.

Needless to say, as you may have experienced some time before, this is a surefire way to spend a ton of money for a resource that will most likely leave you frustrated and pushed towards failure.


Now here's another scenario for you - if you were to come to my office here in Phoenix for a personal consultation, the workout programs, nutrition programs and supplementation education services are only available to be purchased separately. The cost of each of these is $150, $100, and $75 respectively. There is also a one-time start up fee of $100 dollars which encompasses the extra time required to develop programming for a completely new client. If I were to offer you all of this at these rates...

The Total Cost WOULD Be:

  • $150 - Exercise Program

  • $100 - Customized Nutrition Program Design

  • $75 - Supplementation Program Design

  • $100 - Initial assessment Start-Up Fee

  • ----------------------------------------------------------

    $425 Just To Start Up! Blah...NO Thanks

That’s $425 dollars for your very first month and $325 every month thereafter. And because of the results that I provide my clients, when compared to an average local trainer who gives average advice and results, they gladly pay this amount.

What’s the AWESOME news?

This is not the amount that you'll pay to become a long-distance client, not even close! (Even though you will be receiving the EXACT level of service, only via the web). In fact, other coaches and trainers who have seen the level of programming and prescription that I put into each program I design have told me that I’m pretty much CRAZY for offer my personal mentoring at this price, but here’s the deal:

TODAY, as an exclusive offer only, I am making every one of these services available to you, along with the 10 Supplements For a Shredded Physique Manual, and the Illustrated Exercise Library as added bonuses at a seriously discounted price of only:

$194/month with a one-time initial assessment/start-up fee of $40

That is less than half the monthly cost of consulting with me in person and a full $60 off the start-up fee!

Yes, for less than the cost of working with a local personal trainer you can gain access to elite-level one-on-one unique coaching from the leading muscle gain and fat loss coach TODAY

But in order for me to give you this awesome discounted rate, there is a small catch to consider: the above rate is only guaranteed if you ACT NOW. As I am extremely busy and my time is growing more limited by the day, the monthly rate for Elite Online Coaching will GO UP and will continue to do so. I'm not using this as some lame marketing tactic either, it's just the simple, honest truth. Simply put, the rate that you see above is the lowest rate that will be offered for coaching clients. By applying for this awesome deal today, you ensure that this rate is locked into place and it will never go up as long as you remain a client, even if the advertised price increases (which it will).



This Month ONLY:

Go "Gold" with NO START-UP FEE!


I know that the basic package is already a crazy deal, but here's an EVEN BETTER ONE - Anyone who applies and is accepted as a GOLD Premium Web-based Coaching Client during THIS MONTH will have the initial start up fee completely waived.

The GOLD package provides the ultimate training and mindset experience with extra support, enhanced coaching and 2 amazing extras in total.

And by acting now and going "GOLD", You're going to get them practically free of charge!


Mitch, Give Me MORE Bonuses!


You asked for it, and I delivered - AND MORE. Check out a snapshot of your FULLY-LOADED Premium Online Coaching Back Office!

Gold Extra #1: Fully Integrated Online Coaching Membership Site Access! ($397 value)

With Premium Online Coaching here at Mindset Fitness, we're pulling out ALL the stops. By becoming a "Gold" member TODAY, you will have access to the most comprehensive and structured "Back Office" support through instructional videos, updated research, workout music playlists, bonus material and NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Leadership Enhancement Training. Not a single coach online is doing this right now - and YOU have the opportunity to be a part of it! Just sign in, download your material, learn the concepts as I teach them, and watch your results go through the roof! It's really THAT simple.


Gold Extra #2: Direct access to me via my GOLD clients-only email address with priority support ($197 value)

Because my normal business email address is swarmed with time-filling emails every single day, you will be provided with a special “GOLD clients-only” email address which receives the highest attention of all my incoming mail. This means that as a GOLD client not only do you gain full email access to me as your personal coach, but you also ensure that—despite my demanding schedule and the amount of projects that I am currently involved in—your emails and questions are the ones I respond to first. This feature is an immense value in and of itself (I charge $200 for an hour of my time), further making the Premium Web-based Coaching program the most effective and safe route to achieving the body you've always wanted. REAL Individualization and the top priority support - This is what Elite Online Coaching is all about.


Gold Extra #3: First-Time Access to Pre-release Programs ($197 value)

As a GOLD Premium Web-based Coaching client, you will be given premium access to exclusive, new upcoming products and programs well in advance of their release to the general public. These include advanced learning tools, videos and “courses” (a few of which are already in the works) that go well beyond a normal "fitness" product online.


And the cost to become a GOLD MEMBER CLIENT?

Just $197/month.

That’s $791 of additional value!


And remember, when you act now and apply today, it comes with the initial $40 start-up/assessment fee COMPLETELY WAIVED.

To break it all down, this actually makes the cost of your first month as a GOLD PREMIUM ONLINE COACHING CLIENT $37 dollars cheaper than the regular package! Pretty cool huh?





Now you may be wondering if there is a minimum commitment for either the basic package or the GOLD package as listed above, and the answer is absolutely - YES. The minimum time commitment for online coaching clients is 3 months (billed monthly). Here are a few important reasons why I do this:

First, I'll be straight to the point in saying that the price listed above for this Elite Coaching is an absolute STEAL. When compared to the Joe Shmo trainer down the street at La Fitness or Gold's, my private clients get more for their money PLUS some on top. Anywhere else would cost an arm and a leg for such a comprehensive and individualized program.

Simply put my friend, if I am going to offer my Elite Online Coaching at this price, I need to know without a doubt that the individuals I take on as my clients and who I work with personally to achieve their goals are highly motivated, committed and absolutely serious about achieving their goals.

As you may have guessed, taking on a new client in a highly individualized program such as this is very time consuming and I can not afford to do so only to have that person quit after the first month. On a similar note, the 3 month minimum serves as the ultimate motivation for YOU. I completely believe in having a set time frame for each goal, and 90 days is a perfect benchmark to aim for. It is so easy to become distracted during a time of change and commitment, but you will undoubtedly stay more focused and driven to follow through with your goals than ever before.

It is proven that when you take a leap of faith and provide some collateral, you are MORE LIKELY to succeed than if you didn't - and that's a fact!

I've actually had other fitness pros and competitors come to ME for this very reason. You can be completely new to this or have been competing for years in the fitness industry AND STILL need help and a time frame to complete your goals in.

Lastly, the most important reason for the 3 month minimum time frame is that it allows us to establish an unbreakable client-coach relationship. As your personal coach, it is more than just my job to provide you with the tools you'll need to be successful, but to guide you in the ways that you NEED in order to be successful. I take enormous pride in my ability to motivate my clients and help them reach goals that they previously thought were impossible.

I WANT TO BE VERY CLEAR: as my client, your success is my ONLY Priority. This is why the actual time frame for my average clientele is MUCH longer than this - up to 8 - 9 months, often surpassing a year of continued and progressive results!

100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee


By now you're probably pretty PUMPED about getting your body in the best shape it's ever been in by becoming an Elite member of this Premium Online Coaching; But before we go any further I want to add one more thing to help ensure your success and decision to act today - and that's to provide a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.

To be straight to the point, I know as well as my clients that the value I provide will exceed anyone else in the fitness industry right now. I can say this with complete confidence because my clients ALWAYS get results and they are absolutely guaranteed. You simply don't get this extensive amount of service from anyone else - especially at this price. I pride myself in going above and beyond for any motivated individual who approaches me and is ready to take immediate action towards their fitness goals. How exciting! So here's how it works: if after the initial Assessment and receiving your first month of programming you feel that it is anything less than you expected, I will promptly refund every single penny you paid. It's that simple.

As mentioned before, taking on a new client into this type of highly-individualized program can be very extensive and involved for me, but I am absolutely willing to put my money where my mouth is because I am confident in my ability to help you succeed. I know that after your first month of programming that you'll agree that the value you're receiving is second to none. But if for some reason you don't agree, you'll receive a prompt refund and get to keep all of the bonus materials at my expense, no hard feelings. As you can see here, ALL of the risk is completely on me.

You're Just One Decision Away...


Get Started Today!

  • Are you ready to finally start achieving the results you deserve from the effort you put in?

  • Are you ready to experience just how fast you can start moving toward the physique you've always wanted?

  • Are you ready for the best motivation of your entire life?!

  • If so, don't wait another minute ---

In order to ensure that every client receives the utmost service, care and individualization (and because I accept nothing less from myself), spaces for my Premium Online Coaching Program are limited to a select group of individuals.

I want to make sure that YOU secure your spot before they're all taken up. Remember, as much as I try to be - I'm not Superman, so I can't give my attention to everyone; ONLY THE ELITE!

The choice is yours, the body you want is waiting for you to take it! Let's get it done my friend!

Your Mindset Muscle Coach,


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