How Do I Become A Member of Mindset Fitness?

The Membership Area of Mindset Fitness is currently under construction to further enhance the value provided to our members. However, you may receive all of the latest updates, videos, free products and other services provided by Mitch and Mindset Fitness by joining our newsletter! Simply go grab your FREE report to get started. In the Mindset Mass Blueprint, you’ll learn the secrets to a powerful and eye-catching physique, not to mention a series of lessons to enhance your learning and fitness potential. Join the Mindset Movement today!

How Do I Contact Mindset Fitness About Online Coaching or Bookings?

Mitch Muller can be contacted through email at or through the contact form listed on this site. A staff member may assist you prior to your engagement to ensure your questions are answered in a timely manner. All company inquires, bookings and appearances can be scheduled through this email address as well. Online Coaching may also be directly purchased through our Shop link and/or Premium Online Coaching Page.

Who Is This Website For? is available to the public, regardless of background or current fitness status. Primary clientele from originates from individuals who are seeking muscle gain and fat loss, and who are looking for the most up-to-date and relevant fitness information that can be applied directly towards training, nutrition, supplementation and mindset. Although is categorized in the Muscle-Building industry, familiar and similar programs tailored towards females can be found at our sister site:, although much of the information available on this site can be applied to both males and females respectively.

What is Mindset Fitness Exactly?

Mindset Fitness is a faith-based fitness organization with the purpose to motivate and inspire others to live their lives with full potential, in all areas. Mindset Fitness encourages growth and development from a physical aspect which is directly applicable to development of highly successful life skills. These life skills can then be used to lead others in faith, create a passion in those who seek a positively enhanced fitness lifestyle, and to help develop an understanding that an unshakeable foundation must be in place in order to build a house of success, in fitness and in life. Mindset Fitness is the Ultimate Training Mentality. Click Here for more.