Welcome to your next 8 WEEKS of insane muscle building!

Purpose: To provide me with eye-catching “before and after” pictures + written testimonials for my brand new Mass Construction muscle-building program set to launch in September!

YOUR Incentives (Provided by myself once you complete the 8 weeks and provide documented testimonials):

1. FULL access to my Mass Construction Program – 16 weeks (when released) $297 value
2. Customized Meal Plan Coaching for 2 months
3. FREE Mindset Fitness Shirt/Tank or Hat
4. Full feature of your progress on my social media + feature in my program
5. FREE Supplements from SHREDZ (currently working on this)

YOUR results are going to be the turning point for the success of this program. Therefore your success is also my success! Congratulations on being part of the Mass Construction team and I’m PUMPED to see your results! Below you will find detailed step-by-step instructions to get started:

STEP 1 – TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICTURE AND SEND IT TO ME: Mitch@mindsetfitness.net (This should look your worst, but still just you – we’re all about integrity here haha!)
Also send your current stats: Height, Weight, Body Fat percentage

STEP 2 – Download Phase 1 by clicking HERE
***NOTE: The manual says “phase 2″ however you can ignore this. These are your first 4 weeks of the program 🙂

STEP 3 – Download the Nutrition Overview Doc HERE
This is a simple report used with my coaching program that goes over the basics of WHY we do what we do with nutrition.
To build muscle as effectively as possible, here is a simple breakdown of what your meals should look like:

Calories: lean bodyweight in lbs x 15 for fat loss, x 17 for weight maintenance, x 21 for muscle gain
Protein: 1.5g per lb of lean bodyweight for fat loss, 1.2 for maintenance, 1 for muscle gain
Fats: 0.5g per lb of lean body weight
Carbs: 1g per lb of lean bodyweight on OFF DAYS.
2g per lb of lean bodyweight on UPPER BODY DAYS.
3g per lb of lean bodyweight on LEG DAYS.

***NOTE: If you are OVER 12% Body Fat (Male) or 20% body fat (Female), use the FAT LOSS calories listed above. You will build more muscle by optimizing your hormones this way, trust me!

If you’re unsure how to calculate your lean body mass for the equations above:
Take your weight and multiply it by 1 – (your body fat % / 100).
E.g; if you weight 180lbs at 15% b/f:
180 * (1 – (15 / 100))
–> 180 * (1 – 0.15)
–> 180 * 0.75

STEP 4 – Contact me after Phase 1 so that I can provide you with instructions for phase 2! And as always, you can shoot me an email with any questions along the way – Mitch@mindsetfitness.net.