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All of us at Mindset Fitness are a team. We grow together, progress together and pursue a never-ending love of building a stronger life – inside and outside of the gym.

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“Coaching with Mitch has pushed me to the next level, both mentally and physically. In just over 90-days, Mitch mentored me to my first Physique Competition. The results speak for themselves, but one thing you won’t be able to see is how he pushed me mentally. Plus, I knew that investing in a Coach that has similar spiritual goals would only empower me even more. When you start with the mind, everything falls into place. Thanks so much, Mitch!”

Jason K.

“A good coach will make his athletes see what they can become rather than what they are! They believe in you, encourage you, teach you and push you to your limits. A good coach becomes an even greater mentor. Mitch coached me for 16 weeks and I never once questioned him. I believed in his methods and trusted his skills. He helped me face my fears, taught me to love myself, and helped me find a passion in the gym again. Mitch is not only a great coach but he is an amazing mentor and I look forward to working another 5weeks toward another goal with you. Thank you for helping me get back on a path that I love and enjoy. If your interested in an amazing coach MEN AND WOMEN then check him out!”

Heather J.

“I’ve been “working out” for about 10 years now, but I had never really seen any substantial change in my physical appearance that entire time. My fitness journey officially began on November 22, 2013 when I decided to message Mitch after running across his profile on Instagram because I was impressed with his success, but most of all I was so happy to find someone in the fitness industry that LOVES fitness and loves the Lord! What started as just a trainer sending a meal plan and workouts to a client, has turning into a great friendship and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of Mindset Fitness! Mitch is an awesome coach and an even better friend. I can always say with confidence  that Mitch Muller is the real deal and will without a doubt help bring great change to anyone’s life if they follow his coaching. Thanks Mitch!”

Jon W.

“In 12 weeks I have been able to achieve more with my physique than the previous 8 years of training on my own. Mitch gave me all the tools I needed plus provided an incredible amount of support to guide me through the transformation process. Seeing my abs finally pop has made it all worthwhile! Even if you have an extreme work schedule like I do, if you put your mind to something and COMMIT to the work, the results will come. Thanks Mitch!”

Wade H.

“Mitch taught me to understand my body and his training skills and motivation allowed me to loose over 100 lbs and gain some nice muscle all in less then 1 year, Mitch allowed me to truly understand what it takes to commit to a healthy lifestyle and to understand that traditional diets do not work! I found that only building core muscle works to consistently burn fat and increase my metabolism, Thanks Mitch, you are the Best!”

David S.

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