• Hey guys,

    Mitch here. It’s been awhile since my last blog post but things are finally mellowing down and allowing me to get back into my normal schedule!

    I’ve learned quite a few new things over the last couple weeks. It’s safe to say that I did not expect some of them, and others I was accepting with open arms.

    My car accident shocked me. For some reason I had the belief that it would never happen to me. That idea was quickly blown to smithereens in a split second of loud, smashing metal. Long story short, my car was totaled and I was stuck without transportation to work and school and even the gym.

    OH NO! Not the gym!

    Yeah, that’s one of the first things that came to mind. “How will I get to the gym to train?!” This might sound crazy to some of you guys but because of the high priority that I give my training, it doesn’t take long to come up with a solution.

    Most of you may already know how important my training goals are to me, as I tend to talk about them a lot. What I don’t usually talk about though is how I go about planning my life to remain in a positive balance.

    This isn’t an easy task to say the least. For some of you who are just starting out with your muscle-building lifestyle, just GETTING STARTED on the right foot is enough to make the mind go crazy, let alone take care of all the other important aspects of your life like school, relationships or your faith and spiritual life.

    Maintaining balance in your lifestyle is extremely important.

    Without balance, you start reaching for the things instead of letting them come to you. You start giving into your emotions instead of letting your faith and knowledge lead the way.

    With that being said I wanted to provide you with some awesome tips that have helped  to create that homeostatic balance within my life. This will help in fine-tuning your lifestyle:

    #1 Relentlessly Manage Your Time

    Your time is extremely valuable. If you think it isn’t, then this website probably isn’t for you! I’ll most likely mention this over and over because of how important it is. When your time is left up in the air, things will not get done. Correction, THINGS WILL HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING DONE.

    I suggest setting aside some “DO WORK” time in your day. This may be an hour first thing in the morning or a few hours after work in the evening. Whenever you have that specific time each day to crank stuff out. AKA- Get. Stuff. Done!

    You’ll be surprised just how much you can accomplish over time. Use this precious time to do the things you want to improve- Build your business, play with the dogs, enjoy time with your family, play an instrument, be happy!

    Last thing, PROTECT this time of your day. If you go without it for too long, the system will get thrown off course and your progress will come to a hault.

    #2 Be Fearless

    An old friend from high school told me something one time and it’s stuck with me ever since:

    “If I only fear God, what else do I have to fear?”

    With what I believe, fear is just another excuse not to try. People are so afraid of failing or disappointing themselves or someone else, that they remain at a complete stand still.

    You don’t want to be that person right?

    Life isn’t some crazy maze that we have to find our way through, it’s so simple yet somehow we make it complicated!

    Although life my SEEM like a maze from time to time, the solution to get to the cheese at the end is becoming FEARLESS.

    Don’t let fear drive you down the wrong path. I like to think of it is “failing forward.” SO WHAT if you mess up. AT LEAST you’re putting forth the effort and taking steps forward.

    “Don’t wait around for the grass to magically become greener. Water the freaking thing!”


    #3 Create Deadlines

    I like the old saying: “Goals without deadlines are just dreams.”

    Maybe it’s a new saying, but whatever you get my point.

    It’s funny how these deadlines work out. Ever since I started setting deadlines for my goals in life, business, fun or the gym, they ALWAYS get done. And why is that so?

    Because I’ll feel like crap if they don’t! A little trick that I use when I set a new goal for myself is to tell everyone about it. This way, when my deadline comes up, most people will tend to wonder and ask how your goal went. Do you want to look like the idiot who didn’t follow through with your promise???

    Didn’t think so.

    An important piece of the puzzle is to realize that you have to be REALISTIC.

    Gaining 20 pounds of muscle in 2 months is not realistic. Keep dreaming on that one buddy. Wouldn’t we all like that! Minus the stretchmarks…

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this! Try putting these things on a post it note and put it somewhere you’ll see it from time to time. In life, you’ll only get out what you put in!

    Take care,


    -Mitch Muller






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