Update from Fitness Business Summit 2013

    Hey guys! Mitch here.

    This weekend I have the honor of attending one of the BEST fitness events held in the United States; Fitness Business Summit 2013!

    Some of the best fitness experts in their fields are absolutely killing it by getting their clients results and having a blast while doing it.

    The best part is that everyone is all in one place, learning and forming lasting friendships that will last a long time to come. I’ve already met a bunch of cool people since I’ve been here and the weekend isn’t even close to being over.

    I wanted to take some time out though to give an official Mindset Fitness update. All of you are the reason that Mindset Fitness is here. The information is for you, the videos are for you, and the results are all based on your endless dedication towards your goals.

    Each day I’m looking to push forward in this industry and take steps in helping more people like you to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. And of course some awesome motivation along the way!

    I like to consider us a team. After all, great people always come from a great supporting foundation. The individuals of the team learn and help each other grow as a single unit.

    So in order to pull my weight for the team, here are 3 AWESOME things I’ve learned today that you can apply to your training and fitness lifesytle:

    1. Never Stop Moving Forward

    It is always your choice to become something better than you currently are.The key to being successful in your training and in life is to roll with the punches. When life gets hard and burdensome, kick it back in the face! Push forward through all adversity and don’t be scared to keep praying that God keeps guiding you. We can’t do it all ourselves ya know…

    2. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

    This was probably the most eye-opening part of my day. I came to the realization that in order to take steps forward, 95% of the time will involve getting out of your comfort zone. It’s way too easy to sit back and let life pass you by thinking that comfort is good. It’s not! Well, it’s not good if you ever plan on being more than normal.

    3. Don’t be Afraid to Think Outside The Box

    I don’t know about you, but sometimes my box seems pretty small. I get used to training a certain way or eating the same way week in and week out. Try thinking outside the box to other options that will help you move forward faster. No matter what your goals are, progress will only become reality when smart ideas turn into actions.


    Hope you guys were able to get some motivation out of that! Big stuff is coming soon from the Mindset Fitness family. Stay tuned!

    Dedicated to your results,

    -Mitch Muller


    update from fitness business summit 13

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